ANNOUNCEMENT: changes its company business logo

Buywise Mall old and new logos

After an extraordinary board meeting held on the 5th of January, 2021, the management of Buywise Mall Global Franchise Limited embarked on massive rejigging of the company. The rejigging was geared towards serving our customers optimally and repositioning our business more for the 21st century challenges.


Amongst many other measures adopted, we agreed and changed our company’s business logo and site outlooks on the 21st of January, 2021. We are still the same company with even improved services.



Buywise Mall

Buywise Mall

Buywise Mall

Buywise Mall


The management of Buywise Mall Global Franchise Limited urges the public to disregard any rumors saying that the company has been taken over by a new management. We are still the same company with a different logo. We are still poised to becoming your household name in the global fashion industry.

Our free worldwide shipping still remains sacrosanct on all our products. We urge our teeming and prospect customers to take advantage of this free shipping and our juicy discount to keep patronizing us.

Buywise Mall

Our customer service is always available 24/7 to attend to any emerging complaints as always. And we guarantee 100% money-back when unsatisfied (terms and conditions apply).

NB: Our product pictures, with the old logo, still remain the property of company and still remain valid for transaction via our website

Buywise Mall new 3D logo still remains our reliable global online shopping mall we can trust as always.


This was written by the E-commerce expert and the Head, Business Development Manager- Vincent Eikeme Iheke


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